Sassy’s Bad Day Scripts

Revision History


(3.41 attempted to correct an incorrect URL inside the tracker script, did so and broke a different URL, 3.42 did it properly.)


This was supposed to be a minor update but turned into something much bigger with some really useful new features as well as a few fixes, lets look at the fixes first:-


FIXED: If not in RLV, a message telling you that you're not in RLV happened once per minute.


FIXED: Cumsplat on the floor now only happens if you're standing.


FIXED: People touching got the "don'ts" in chat on each touch, now it's back to only on the first touch like it should have been and used to be.


FIXED: When you choose "hardcore" on the self timer, the Tracker enables and you loose access to turn it off - hardcore is now hardcore! (Previously, you could turn it off again).


FIXED: Left over unsit RLV restriction if a prop was rezzed and skirt not initially touched.  You got stuck on the next thing you sat on.


FIXED: Blacklist behaviour in the event of the web host being uncontactable or incorrect response from it.  Now defaults to automatically enabling "Ask Permission" mode instead of just denying everyone during the service outage.


FIXED: Update button being available if force sat by a prop but skirt not touched.  Now the Update button will not do anything while sat.


FIXED: Condom and Belt loops on the jeans incorrectly showing after a help when they had been turned off in CONFIG.


FIXED: Corrected the wearing of the pushed down jeans/shorts prims to attach over so that they wear correctly if leg bindings are already in place.


FIXED: logging out and back in again will no longer enable fly while still in a captured state.


FIXED: Status/Help button not prompting to open the Web documentation help site, it now does.


FIXED: Somewhere along the line the wrong path for extra cum layers was being used.


FIXED: When “no skirt” is selected, the system skirt is now unworn (if it was worn).  Useful for anyone making a special outfit which features the system skirt.





More options in your web profile


You can now block bad vibes for all products via your web profile as well as the ability to block the use of certain captor tools.


TP Blocked region ability


There may be places that you want to specifically role play in, maybe because you like the atmosphere or maybe it’s your home and you want a home invasion.  You can now set a list of regions in your profile from which you cannot be force TP’d via our products.  Note:  This doesn’t set up an RLV TP block but just doesn’t implement any force TP requests.  Captors will see that you have a TP block so be aware that they may bypass you if they are seeking a victim who can be taken elsewhere.


Support for Deciduan pregnancy HUD.  


Your use of this pregnancy HUD will be shown on the Tracker to potential captors.


RLV shared folder browser with configurable root


Say you want to offer just some bruises and a hood to go over your head but nothing else... Giving your captor access to the whole of your #RLV folder is likely to lead to wholly inappropriate items being chosen.  It's the main reason I have never done this before and chose to restrict the behaviour to just cuffs, blindfold, gag etc. of your choice.  None of that changes but a new option is now on the Actions menu that lets them (or you) view a portion of your RLV folder.


So you could create #RLV/BD Extras and within that put "Bruises", "Hood" and nothing else and specify BD Extras as the RLV starting path.  Now all they'll see is those two folders.  This is a per skirt/jeans setting so you can set up different outfits completely differently.


IF you want them to be able to browse your whole #RLV well you can do that too by setting no path in the config.  


For full details on using this feature, please see here Using the RLV Root feature


Block Bad Vibes


You can set a value in CONFIG notecard that will block incoming Bad Vibes.  Minor feature but in case anyone gets griefed by it, you can turn them off.  This will block Bad Vibes per skirt.  You can do this globally in your web based profile under “Options”



“Addspath” folders


When clothing layers are selected for removal, the content of their folder is detached but now there is also the option of providing a folder for each clothing layer that gets “added” after the clothing is removed.  This enhances what can be done with outfits.  An example would be that when undershirt is removed, prim nipples (or jewellery) is automatically worn.  Or alternatively you could have a two state shirt, one unripped and one ripped.  You could put the ripped version in the “add” folder and rename the “Shirt” button to “Rip Shirt”.  Now the option is to have your shirt ripped instead of removed.


For full details on this feature, please see here Using the AddsPath feature


Self Help Experience (S.H.E.)


My original design, as a personal toy was to be left in a state of humiliation that required me to seek help.  That a) introduced the required level of humiliation and b) had the potential for follow on role play, does the person you ask help you or take advantage of the state of peril that you're in?


This has always been a contentious issue for those who have been left in a region with nobody about and I know that some have said "if i'm not tied up, why can't I help myself?"


So given the right circumstances, you will now have the option of the Self Help Experience.


If your hands are bound, then you cannot self help.  Simple as that.  To get out of restraints you have the option of the escape tools, emergency phone, ask a friend, seek help in the sim - no change here.


However, if your hands are NOT bound AND the captor is no longer near and hasn’t interacted with your product for at least 10 minutes AND there is nobody within shout range, then on your menu will appear “Self Help”.  Pressing this will initiate the Self Help Experience which if all goes well, will finish with you dressed back to normal.


There remains NO instant re-dress, that would be an on/off switch and providing that destroys the nature of a threat of peril and many have asked that this never be the case, so it’s not going to happen.


I feel that this adequately meets the reasonable request to be able to recover from a failed and abandoned RP when left alone in a sim with nobody within shout range and in a manner that is both a little bit fun and without destroying the intent of the product.






















Please note:


If you have used a prior product, version 3.30 and higher will automatically offer you inventory.  In order to turn this off and use your existing folders and outfits, you MUST turn off AUTO=1 in the CONFIG notecard


Please go here for full detail Moving Folders