Victim Products FAQ

This page presents a list of the Frequently Asked Questions for the victim range of products.


What version of RLV is required?

RLV 2.5.  This is found in current viewers from Marine Kelley, Phoenix 1.6, Firestorm and others.

How do I hide the condom on the skirt?

Edit the CONFIG notecard in the skirt contents and add a line at the bottom:-


Can I make my skirt or jeans invisible to wear with other things?

Yes, edit the object and apply a transparent texture.  You have one in your inventory called “Default Transparent Texture”

I want to move my folders but when I do, it keeps giving me inventory to #RLV again

You need to set AUTO=0 in the CONFIG notecard, please see here for more detail.

Sassy's BDS Skirt (fitted) (stomach): Something went wrong, no url. 0

You might see this in any of the product but it’s not a product fault.  When you change region, the items have to request a URL for http communications.  If the sim fails to issue one, the error is URL_REQUEST_DENIED for whatever reason.  Changing to a different region that grants a URL will then have everything working again.  Things that will be impacted include tracker transmitter location update and gridwide bad vibes.

My skirt/jeans are invisible and I can’t reset them or teleport

The product is “in play” and RLV no detach.  Resetting scripts will not help but the solution is simple.  You need to find someone to touch it and get the menu up and choose “Help them”.  It is in this state because someone else chose the option to hide it (make transparent) during play.

Sassy's BDS Skirt (stomach): No configuration path available yet, please try again in few moments, skirt is still starting up...


You will likely get that message when you press the status button on the new skirt.  IGNORE IT! :)


It's a left over from the manually configured paths and now that the paths have changed and it's auto set up, it's redundant.  It was only really to help staff troubleshoot anyway.

I see "#@#@!emao|on" in chat, what does it mean?

It means that you're likely using Firestorm and they didn't get around to a) fixing the bug that shows AO control commands in the beta and b) they didn't implement the AO control at all in the release.  Phoenix/(early)Firestorm have inbuilt AO control that I take advantage of.  If you want to turn this off (and stop the messages), edit the CONFIG notecard in the clothing item and set AO=0