BD Trak Pro

They ask for it right? Those short, tight skirts, sexy watch them from the shadows everyday wishing you could just grab one to do as you please. Imagine finding those women, stalking them, stepping from the shadows at the right moment. Gag them, pull their clothes off, bind them, force them to their knees, on all fours or on their back and have your way with them.  They're yours until you're done. Once finished, make your getaway and find another!


This product is designed such that you can stalk and control a Bad Day apparel wearer.  Once finished with them, you can toss them their tattered clothes, releasing binds before exiting...or...leave them naked, bound, blindfolded, drag them to an alley near a crowd...leaving them to figure out how to get free.


Tracker Minimised mode

When the tracker is in the miminised mode, it will list just the names of trackable victims and the symbols indicating whether they are in RLV, whether they are permitting the anonymous captor tools and their role play partner preference.

Tracker Closed mode

When the Tracker is powered off, it will revert to a small, unobtrusive HUD in the top right of your viewer, just press the green ON button or the blue button to open it in minimised view.

Tracker Open mode

When you first wear the Tracker, it will appear in Open mode.  Open mode will give you the full view of options when you have no victim captured.


Depending on the configuration, after a set time, the tracker may remain open or change to either Minimised or Off modes.


To configure this setting, visit your web profile for your Tracker product by clicking the wrench icon  at the bottom.



On the web profile, then configure the Timeout action.

Setting the minimised text layout

It may be necessary to manually adjust the text when the tracker is in the minimised mode.


Different resolutions require slight adjustment.


Please follow the tutorial to the right to edit the linked parts of the tracker and then save the settings by powering off AND detaching.


Detach isn’t critical but if you crash before detaching, the settings will not have saved back to the tracker as they are only ever saved when the item is detached and returned to inventory.

Moving your tracker HUD

Sometimes it might be necessary to move your BD Trak Pro HUD around a little bit to suit your screen.  Follow the tutorial to the right to see how this can be done.

Using Plug-in’s

Your Tracker can be loaded with extra plug-in accessories such as the role play scenes and other props.  When connected to victims clothing, it will also display the plug-in’s that they have installed so you will get a varied list of options depending on victim.


Clicking on the icon will display the list of available plug-in’s.



To install Plug-in’s, rez the product box on the ground and choose the Update icon on the lower right of the Tracker main display.


See also here


When connected to the victims clothing, you will be able to choose a variety of props to rez, the thumbnail gives a representation of the item and the number of animations present.  Clicking the thumbnail will show a larger view.  Clicking the ? Will give a short description in chat of the rezzable action plug-in.

Controls while connected

When you touch the victims item, the Tracker will automatically connect and change view.  By default you will be presented with the teleport destinations that have been set up.


The left pop out will control the “Dishevel” and “Cum” options and allow you to “Dump” your victim.


Dumping your victim will disconnect the Tracker while leaving your victim in whatever state they are in.



Some victims enjoy being dumped some hate it!  Check their profile to see if they have any preference.  Dumping a victim in a deserted place does not let them easily continue the role play to get helped.  Dumping a victim who hates it is liable to have you on their blacklist very rapidly!


The bottom pop out panel will let you apply the restraints.  You can bind your victim, handcuff them, blindfold them and gag them.


You can use your Tracker HUD to individually release or re-restrain each option.


The top toolbar offers options to:-


Adding Teleport destinations

Your Tracker can be loaded with teleport destinations such that when you have a victim, you can easily force teleport them to pre-configured destinations.


To configure a teleport destination, simply open your inventory and drag a landmark to the Tracker HUD.


When you do this, it will prompt you as to whether you also wish to be force teleported along with the victim.  This is for convenience if you are also an RLV user.  You will both be simultaneously teleported to the destination.  If you choose No, then the victim will be force teleported and you will have to make your own way there.  If you are not an RLV user, you will also have to make your own way to the victim.


To remove a teleport destination, just click the X next to the location in the Tracker HUD.

Configuring your Tracker Profile

There are configurable attributes of your Tracker that are configured on a web based profile.

You can configure:-



Visit your web profile for your Tracker product by cicking the wrench icon at the bottom.



When you save settings on the profile page, your Tracker will immediately update and the new settings will be active.

Blacklisting Prey

If you have encountered prey that you no longer wish to see again in your Tracker display, on the Tracker itself, click twice on their name in the list and that will pop out their profile view then click on the skull and crossbones icon.


If you wish to remove someone from the blacklist, use the web profile and click on the red cross next to their name in the blacklist.



You can tag prey as “favourites”, then when they come online and active while wearing their products, you will be alerted.  To tag a favourite, open their profile view and click on the heart icon.


If you wish to remove someone from your list of favourites, click on the red cross next to their name in the web profile view.


Locating Prey

The bottom of the Tracker display will show their last known location, you can click there and the map will open, teleport as normal using the map.  Alternatively, if you have their profile view open, you can click on the map icon.





Do not just teleport right on top of the victim, grab their clothing and teleport them to somewhere else without any role play.  It will likely get you blacklisted very quickly!


Better is to locate the victim, then on the map view, arrive in the region somewhere else and make your approach much more discretely.  This is far more effective and less likely to be detected than materialising right next to them when they’re the only other avatar in the sim.


Sending a “Bad Vibe” (anonymous message)

You can send an anonymous message to anyone, anywhere in SL as long as they are wearing their victim range of products.  In the profile view of the intended recipient, click the Bad Vibe button and enter your message in the dialog.





To set a “scary name” as the source of your tracker bad vibe, right click your Tracker HUD and edit it, then set the Description field to something such as “Jack the Lad” (please choose something better!).


Then when your Bad Vibe is sent, it will be prefixed as having come from that name.

Tracker Symbols

A name such as [ name ] means that the victim is unable to be force teleported, it is likely that they are already captured.


A name such as ( name ) means that the victim is unable to be force teleported and so are probably captured but their captor is no longer nearby.  This victim is very likely one who has been dumped or abandoned but cannot teleport themselves elsewhere.


P Means that they have “Ask Permission set on their clothing.  Although you can track the victim, when you try to interact, they will approve or deny at their choice.


M, T or B indicate which pregnancy huds are being worn by the victim.  

M = Mama Allpa with the “force” add on.

T = Tantra

B = Both Mama Allpa and Tantra


# Indicates that the victim is permitting the anonymous captor tools. This will permit a tracker user to use tools such as the Tranquillizer Gun, Gas Grenades and other tools to stun the victim and maintain anonymity.  

Note:  In the interests of anti-griefing, anonymity is maintained while the role play is active and for ten minutes after the captor leaves.  If the victim feels the need to identify whom it was, they are able to pay a small fee to “Dick Findem”, which will yield the identity of the recent captors while anonymous.  This is about role play entertainment, not opportunities for griefing.


The gender symbols indicate the gender of the victims preferred role play partner, NOT the gender that the victim is role playing.