Multiple Outfits

Setting up multiple Normal outfit folders is a convenient way to have several different outfits configured while using letting them all share many common parts.


It’s easier just to choose a folder and wear the content, just like you would with any other outfit folder.


Follow this guide and the tutorial video to achieve this.


NOTE:  There are some differences between RLV as provided by Marine Kelley and RLVa as maintained by Kitty Barnett.


Most of the time this will have no impact but one issue is shown in the video regarding RLVa and another set up issue was found with RLV working differently to RLVa.

Starting from a number of chosen pieces, the first outfit looks like this and is comprised of the inventory selection shown here:-

First Outfit

There is no requirement to do anything at all with this.  However without moving things around, smart strip will not work correctly which will remove clothing layers but leave prims behind and you will not be re-dressed when helped.  If neither of these issues bother you, stop here, do nothing else!


If you want to perform a better set up then you need to move the items into a special folder, the “Normal” folder for your item.  Depending on product, the Normal folder name will be slightly different but should be obvious.

Create a new folder within your #RLV folder, since you are going to put several outfits in there, create something meaningful, like “Skirts” (or whatever has meaning for you)


Now drag the existing ~BDSNormal folder into this.

Create a folder for each clothing layer.  The names of the folders are not important but they are required in order for smart strip to work.


You then need to copy and paste the clothing items into the relevant folders.  So for example, all the jacket parts into a folder called jacket.


What will happen is that when the jacket clothing layer is removed from the product menu, the clothing layer and all items in the same folder will be removed.

Manually wear each prim item once.  The viewer needs to know where the items attach to, if the item is modify it will rename them. If the item is no mod, it will create a folder and move the item.  If you do NOT do this or create the folders manually, then the prim items will not attach when you are helped to dress.


Finally, edit the skirt (or jeans or other item) and open the CONFIG notecard.


Edit the Normal= line to now reference your new path the the Normal folder.

In the example above the line should be Normal=Skirts/School/BDSNormal


Edit the AUTO setting and change it to AUTO=0

Depending on whether your viewer supports RLV or RLVa, an issue was found with each that did not occur with the other so take your pick as to which issue you have.



RLV vs RLVa Problems



The auto set up offers inventory folders that are preceded by the character ~


This is a requirement for a script to send inventory to the #RLV folder and makes it easy for a user to recognise auto offered inventory from objects.


The command used to wear the Normal folder when helped does not work when there is a ~ in the folder name at the front so when you move the Normal folder, remove the ~ from the folder name and just set the correct folder name in the CONFIG notecard.

RLVa has no problem with the ~ in the folder name but failed to attach over (add) the extra prim on the same attachment point as the existing item, in this case the skirt.


Normally you can put a + sign in front of a folder and the content will be added instead of worn (which would replace existing items).


During the video tutorial it was found not to work and has been confirmed as a bug in this viewer version.  RLV did not have this issue.

Starting from a number of chosen pieces, the second outfit looks like this and is comprised of the inventory selection shown here:-

Second Outfit

The procedure for creating a second (and beyond) outfit is the same as that for the first outfit so just repeat.

You’re left with something like this, you will have two Normal folders each within a parent folder and now all you have to do to swap outfits is wear the content of either of the Normal outfit folders.