I've seen some messages in the support group chat that suggest that the lock isn't always understood so I thought i'd write something that explains it.  If you don't like to read long descriptions, here's the abbreviated version:-


   ◆   The lock and key does stuff


For those who want to understand better, please read on!


I'd like to start with an explanation of where the Bad Day Skirt (and then Jeans) came about as it should help understand my perspective.  (In the main, I refer to Skirt but the same feature is true of the Jeans).


I wanted to role play being a victim of random encounters.  I tried using several products and the result was frequently the same, either the other person didn't understand each disparate item or the restraints were too "strong" and involved timers, owners and such.  I wanted a short encounter, role play and then be done.  However, I wanted the "done" part to be one which left me in a predicament which could also lead to further role play, sort of almost a social experiment too, would the helpful person I approached for "help" do that, or would they choose an alternate course of action once they see their options?


So out of pure frustration, I set about learning to do this scripting thing and I created a personal toy, the skirt, one which would present a simple set of functions to someone else (who could control it with one hand *winks*) and then hopefully have them be familiar with simple concepts like "Add Cuffs" without having to search someones RLV folder that would be differently set up per person.


The one fundamental principle that I wanted was that anyone could interact without them having to ask permission, after all, someone in RL who wanted to get over familiar wouldn't necessarily ask and be given permission and when complete, regardless of the situation, also allow anyone else to help.  No locks, no timers, no owners, no keys, no games and NO SAFEWORD, this was for hardcore use!.  


Anyone to play, anyone to help but no self help, play it out, see where it goes...


...time passes...


I put the skirt up for sale and inevitably people started to ask for options.


   ◆   To be clear, there will NEVER be a safeword or self timer for release, that is something that will not change. :)


Anyway, back to the lock and keys.  The skirt has never really been a dom/sub toy as there is no concept of "owner" as there is with most typical BDSM type toys so let me list what does happen:-


   ►   The person who holds the "Keys" is the person who may lock or unlock it.  If the keys are visible on the lock, ANYONE may lock it.

   ►   If the skirt is locked, it cannot be detached.  It is irrelevant who locked it, the person wearing it, or someone else.    

   ►   If someone takes the keys, the wearer is prompted to accept the tracker terms.

   ►   IF the wearer accepted the tracker terms when the keys were taken, the keyholder may turn on the wearers tracker without the victim knowing.  Victim can not turn their tracker off if turned on this way.

   ►   The keyholder may turn on the victims "whisper".  Victim can not turn off their whisper if turned on this way.




   ►   The keys are not physical, they are not stored in anyones inventory so if someone says they have lost the keys, they never had them in the first place anyway.





   "Someone has taken my key, how do I get it back?"


There is a reason that the instructions explain the lock and key and state in CAPITALS, take your own key if you are not playing as part of a dom/sub or other trusting relationship!


The purpose of the lock and key is to allow someone to lock the victims skirt on and take the key, turn on their tracker and whisper maybe and leave their victim/pet/sub to the trackers to hunt and play with.  So reality check for a moment, if you want it off, relog out of RLV and take it off.  There is no RLV product that cannot be detached if you want it off so lets not get carried away.


So back to the question, someone has your key... you can touch your lock to find the name of the keyholder.  Ask them... offer sexual favours, do whatever, there's opportunity for some fun or roleplay here.


If none of that is an option, DO NOT BUY ANOTHER SKIRT!  It will inherit the same keyholder, resetting scripts will not help you either.  The only way is to use a Master key which is available at the shop for L$250.


   "Damn Sassy, you suck, how dare you try to make money from someone losing their key"


First, the key is considered a "disincentive", I have no desire to make money from the key.  Second, I discussed this at length with the members of the support group at the time.  Recap that the key is ONLY intended for those involved in a consensual trusting relationship, there is NO reason for anyone else to have the key, the instructions state this.


The discussion in the support group went like this:-


   Doms: "It should cost upwards of L$3000 to get out of a relationship that the sub freely entered"

   Subs: "We think it should cost L$500 as we know what we entered into"


The key costs L$250.


I will happily offer someone a key, who was in the process of setting up their product and was caught unawares.  However, beyond that, I feel that it's not unreasonable to expect people to read the instructions and warnings.  I would be perfectly happy to never sell a key, it would mean that the instructions were understood and that the relationship they entered into was appropriate.  :)





   ►   If you are not in any form of trusting relationship, you should always take your own key (click the lock), there is no need to lock the skirt, it will only prevent you from detaching it and performing updates.


   ►   If you ARE in a relationship and someone else has your key, be clear that you need to role play your way out of it, or purchase a Master key.


   ►   If you want to be daring, sure leave your keys on the lock but don't cry if someone takes them and they don't return to SL or won't give them back.


   ►   Skirts share one key, Jeans share a different key.


   ►   I do not hold keys.