Changing the appearance

Your skirt has menu driven options to change much of the appearance as well as being modifiable for further adjustment.


The Texture menu offers menu choices to change the belt texture, and the main skirt panels textures.


You can also add your own textures and easily perform custom texturing, go here to learn about custom texture and colouring.

The Colour menu offers the options to change the colours of the skirt, belt or lace petticoat.


Please note that this function adds colour to the existing texture, it cannot swap colour.  So if you have a black belt texture, the colour only applies SL colour to this, choosing White as a colour does NOT make a black belt texture white.


At any time, choosing Neutrals, White will restore the original texture appearance.


Also on the Colour menu are buttons to hide and show the lace petticoat.


The Sample button has a very useful function that will help you to set any colour tint to your skirt.  Follow the tutorial in the following video:-



Custom Texturing

Custom texturing is very simple and is menu assisted.


Although you can select prims and manually edit them using the normal SL edit tools, the skirt provides a simpler way to make general changes.


  1. In order to add new custom textures, rez your skirt on the ground.
  2. Rename the textures while they are in your inventory to names that do not exceed 12 characters.
  3. Drag the textures from inventory to the skirt content.  The textures will need to be full permission to you.
  4. Click your skirt and on the menu, choose Texture then Custom and your new new textures should be present.


Changing repeats and rotation

If your texture needs different repeats and rotation, this can also be handled with ease.

Rename the texture in the skirt and after the name, include horizontal and vertical repeats and rotation.




You have a texture that you have named “short lace” but it would look better with 4.2 horizontal repeats and 2.1 vertical repeats and 90 degrees rotation.


Simply rename the texture in the skirt content as Short lace:4.2:2.1:90


Note, it is only the name of the texture that appears on the button menu that cannot exceed 12 characters, the numbers do not count towards this.