Set up multiple outfits or tidy your #RLV folder by changing the folder structure.

Changing the folder structure

Your product is designed to work properly with the minimum of steps, in order to do this, it sends inventory to your #RLV folder.  While effective, this is not always the most desirable to leave it this way as it can clutter a large #RLV folder and does not permit different outfits.



If you wish to move the folders and create multiple outfits, then please follow the instructions here carefully.  It’s not difficult and you only have to follow a few simple steps.





CONFIG setting, AUTO=1


Before you can change any of the folders, you will need to understand a setting in the CONFIG notecard. This is the AUTO setting.


When AUTO=1, the product will use predefined folders in order to set up the product for use.  The folders are read from a web host and as long as that web host responds, the folders CANNOT be changed while AUTO=1.


If the web host fails to respond, or when AUTO=0, then the folders in CONFIG are used instead.


So if you want to change the folders in any way, the first thing you will need to do is edit the CONFIG notecard and set AUTO=0.


Moving the folders

Multiple outfits

Moving the folders

You may prefer to move the automatically supplied folders.  To do this, create a new folder within #RLV, the name doesn’t matter to the product, just your reference to it.  Then it’s a fairly simple process to move the folders and edit a notecard to configure the product to recognise the new folder locations.