Sassy’s Bad Day Skirt

Sassy’s Bad Day Skirt, an RLV product designed for interactive, grid-wide, capture role play.

Imagine walking along a street, someone steps out of the shadows, grabs the hem of your skirt and sneers, you feel vulnerable, unable to run away.  He continues, he gags you, rips off your panties, your bra, your shirt...cuffs you or binds your arms and legs with tape and forces you to kneel or lay down...  Your only hope of help is to find someone else nearby to assist, although when they encounter you, skirt up around your waist, cum dripping from you, covered in writing, you may not find them to be as helpful as you first thought...


This product is designed such that you may potentially end up left in states of predicament that you may find uncomfortable. If you encounter this feeling, then the product is working as designed.

Setting Up

(If you have used an earlier product but want to see what’s new, go here)


Setting up your item is easy but for it to work properly, it requires the use of a viewer that supports RLV (and has RLV enabled).  To learn about RLV, please go here About RLV


If you are new to RLV and have not already created a #RLV folder, please click here


Step 1. Rez and unbox your item as normal then just wear the object, Skirt, Jeans etc. And accept the inventory offers.


When you wear the item, it will send you inventory offers and you will need to accept each one.  If you miss one, detach the item and wear it again.  It will send the missing items.  As long as your viewer has RLV enabled and ForbidGiveTo#RLV disabled, it will have added a number of folders to your #RLV folder such as these:-


These folders contain the accessories that will be used based on the operation of the menu by the other person.


The content of these folders can be edited, one in particular ~BDSNormal will be shown later below.


The ~BDSCum, and ~BDSPushed folders have no content by default, their use is optional and explained later below.


The ~BDAddons folder will be added if you install the Victim HUD.














Setting Up

The “Normal” folder

Using your skirt (wearer options)

Using your skirt (captor options)

Lock, Key and Tracker functions

Installing Plug-ins

Changing the appearance

CONFIG notecard settings

Using alternate 3rd party items

Restting Scripts

Lock, Key and Tracker functions


Step 2. Take your own key!


Unless you have a trusted friend with whom you wish to play, take your own key


To take your key, just click on the lock on the front of the item.

They key permits the item to be locked on and set to no detach.  While you may login without RLV enabled in order to detach the item, you will not be able to recover the key with a script reset.  They need to either replace the key or you will need to use a Master Key which is a purchasable one time use object.


When the item is locked, it cannot be detached or updated.  The aim of the lock is to permit a trusted person to be able to lock the victims item and prevent them from taking it off.  The key holder can also control the tracker function and the local whisper chat which announces the victims predicament.


If you hold your own key, there is no need or benefit in locking your item.  It will just prevent it from being detached and updated.


More detail about the lock and key can be found here


Step 3. Set the tracker transmitter and set up your profile

Your skirt has a tracking transmitter, when you first wear it you are prompted as to whether you want to turn it on (and read the terms which are related to its use).


Touch your skirt, choose “Tracker” and turn it on or off.


Choose “Profile” and follow the web link to set up your personal profile.


The menu functions are described here


Step 4. Go out and have fun

Those are the minimum steps to using your product although it can be set up to do far more than the basic functions.  During operation, when someone else operates the menu that they access, the item will add and remove the content of the folders that were given.


Step 5. Setting up an outfit, the ‘Normal’ folder

One of the folders that is offered is a folder known as the “normal” folder.  It’s called this because it is this folder content that is worn when you are “Helped” and restored back to normal.  By spending a few minutes, you can create all sorts of different outfits by editing the content of this folder. The following illustrations should help.


It’s not difficult, if you can create folders in inventory and move items, then it’s just a case of collecting items together to make up an outfit. The only requirement here is to keep pieces of the same item together so if you have a number of parts that make up a jacket, create a folder and name it something like “jacket” and put all those parts together. Repeat for other parts.




Once you have added items to the #RLV folders, manually wear each item once and detach.  This will allow the viewer to set the correct folder name or rename the item if it can.  This is a viewer action, not a product function.


To learn about moving the offered folders into a different structure, go to Changing the folder struture


To learn about setting up outfits including multiple outfits, go to Multiple Outfits


Watch a video of the set up process by clicking on the play button in the player to the right.


Make sure that it says ”HD on” and view full screen by clicking the double headed arrow in the bottom right of the player.